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at my friend’s house…

It is so good to see that my friend who is also my classmate when we were in high school in Manila and now my “kumpare” is now living here at Leyte.  That is because, his wife was the classmate of my wife in College he he he… sounds confusing isn’t it?  But to make the story short… my best friend is married to my wife’s best friend!

They are now living temporarily beside the Mac Arthur Inn Hotel and Restaurant.  But take note, their rent is not just ordinary… ahhhh…

This couple is very rich hence they can afford whatever the price will be… I’m very lucky to have them he he he he (because they always give present for my son, how i wish sa akin din! ..JOKE!)

They invited us to visit them and here are some of our pics at their house!



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Comment by Philippine History

Hi kumpare,
HOw’s life there in Leyte?I heard that you succesfully finished your Masteral…well good for you.Regards to jenebeth.Musta nga pla ranking nila?

Comment by Chona

Ok lang! salamat sa pagbati mo… e2 nga planning to apply at LNU again this time for permanent position na and not part-timer… c jen waiting na matawag… sana…

Comment by Ernani Fernandez

Oh dats a good news.I think malaki chance mo sa LNU coz you are done wd ur masteral already…I envy you,huhuhu!Regards to ol!

Comment by Chona

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