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Earning M.A. Degree is not just easy…

Hello friends… here are some of my pictures during my graduation at MPC when I earned a degree in Master of Education major in Educational Management… i’ll just make new blog on my graduation for the mean time enjoy looking at my pictures… thank you!

By the way the title of my thesis is “Informationa and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy Level of Public Secondary School Teachers”.


EJ Boy Attended Birthday Party at Jollibee Tacloban
October 23, 2008, 4:18 am
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My son, EJ Lance attended a birthday party held at Jollibee Tacloban last October 12, 2008, the eight birthday celebration of Bianca Cinco, little sister of Lorelie Cinco. See my son’s picture enjoying with Jollibee!

at my friend’s house…

It is so good to see that my friend who is also my classmate when we were in high school in Manila and now my “kumpare” is now living here at Leyte.  That is because, his wife was the classmate of my wife in College he he he… sounds confusing isn’t it?  But to make the story short… my best friend is married to my wife’s best friend!

They are now living temporarily beside the Mac Arthur Inn Hotel and Restaurant.  But take note, their rent is not just ordinary… ahhhh…

This couple is very rich hence they can afford whatever the price will be… I’m very lucky to have them he he he he (because they always give present for my son, how i wish sa akin din! ..JOKE!)

They invited us to visit them and here are some of our pics at their house!


Family Lakad

September 27, 2008… hmm..  nothing to do at home… so we decided to go to Tacloban and have our family bonding, anyway its a family day (guess where we are?)…

In this day, my SE K800i got repaired only for P500 at Digital World we also acquired new budget mobile phone at Cellcom.. the picture you are viewing right now are the pictures taken using Nokia phone… (i forgot the unit model he he he I’ll just update soon!).


2nd Birthday of EJ Lance

It’s not too late to post this… the 2nd Birthday Celebration of my son, EJ Lance R. Fernandez, last August 17, 2008, so Happy Happy Happy Birthday and more Birthdays to come and good health to my very cute son!

My SE K800i tragedy!
September 15, 2008, 4:00 am
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I’ve acquired my SE K800i last January 2008.  Since then, I’ve been using it almost everyday for taking pictures to be used in my blog, listening to the downloaded MP3’s in the media player.  For all the occassions happened in the school or at home my SE K800i is very useful!  That is why I registered an account at  Because I feel very comfortable and at ease that my celphone will be updated for the latest version of software.  Thinking that it will really update my SE K800i online as per guided by the instructions.  But after doing all the instructions after updating my celphone… my SE K800i does not function anymore… I talked to the Call Center Agent of Sony Ericsson to satisfy me for the possible reasons that happened but it made me more confuse… so I advise all the users of SE K800i or any model of celphone of Sony Ericsson don’t just believe the advertisement at the website.  Because according to the Agent they don’t include at the site the possible errors that might happen when you follow certain instructions on the net… it will just make your celphone DEAD!

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